All The Templates You Need To Prepare Your Strategic Plan

These templates are specially designed for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander organisations, understanding their specific context of being culturally-based, Not-For-Profit and community controlled entities with extensive stakeholder bases.

Representing tremendous value at only $197 these 41 templates, worksheets and checklists have been designed after more than 30 years' of experience facilitating Strategic Planning workshops with Indigenous organisations. These practical working documents cover:


Defining where you want to go

Understanding where you are now

Creating strategies to bridge the gap

Planning implementation

Documentation and publication

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What You Get

The templates provided cover 100% of the Strategic Planning process, but you can adapt and choose what to use from amongst them depending on your situation, size or complexity. You will get all of the following Strategic Planning templates:

  • 28 page eBook "Introduction to Strategic Planning In Indigenous Organisations" worth $10 itself
  • How to Use the Pre-Planning Templates Reading
  • Readiness to Proceed Worksheet
  • History and Background Worksheet
  • Planning the Planning Project Worksheet
  • Review of Mandates Worksheet
  • Stakeholder Identification and Analysis Worksheet
  • Planning Resources Checklist
  • Pre-Planning Checklist and Project Schedule
  • How to Use "Where Do We Want to Go" Templates Reading
  • Exploring Values Worksheet
  • Values Statement Worksheet
  • Purpose Statement Worksheet
  • Purpose Statement Review Checklist
  • Exploring Strategic Direction Worksheet
  • Vision Statement Worksheet
  • Balanced Scorecard Worksheet
  • Business Model Worksheet
  • Summary of Critical Success Factors Worksheet
  • How to Use "Where Are We Now" Templates Reading
  • Review History and Background Worksheet
  • External Stakeholder Survey Questionnaire
  • Letter sending External Stakeholder Survey
  • PESTLE Worksheet
  • Business Review Checklist - Structure and Governance
  • Business Review Checklist - Legal Matters
  • Business Review Checklist - Human Resources
  • Business Review Checklist - Programs and Services
  • Business Review Checklist - Records and Financial Management
  • Business Review Checklist - Expenditure
  • Business Review Checklist - Statutory Compliance and Tax
  • SWOT Worksheet
  • How to Use the "Bridging The Gap" Templates Reading
  • Identify the Gaps Worksheet
  • Key Strategic Issues Worksheet
  • Identifying Strategies Worksheet
  • Evaluating Suggested Strategies Worksheet
  • Goals and Objectives Worksheet
  • How to Use the "Planning Implementation" Templates Reading
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Worksheet
  • Action Plan Template
  • Master Implementation Schedule Worksheet
  • How to Use the "Documentation and Publication" Templates Reading
  • Example Contents Referenced to Worksheets Checklist
  • Strategic Plan Template in MS Word Format
  • Draft Plan Review and Adoption Worksheet
  • Collation and Publication Checklist
  • Plan-On-A-Page Template in MS Word Format


You Cannot Beat The Value

For only $197 you get the documentation and worksheets for the entire Strategic Planning process.

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Key benefits from using these templates

These templates have been designed from over 30 years' of study and practical experience working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations. They have been used in face-to-face Strategic Planning facilitation and by the organisations themselves. They work.

  • Using these templates will save you time and money.
  • You do not have to reinvent the wheel.
  • You do not have to hire consultants.
  • You retain the capacity within your organisation.
  • They immediately offer you a process to follow.
  • They will encourage engagement and working together with stakeholders.

They can be used to prepare the Strategic Plan of the whole organisation, or just for one program or unit in the organisation. They are organised into modules so that you can follow the Strategic Planning process while completing them.

Don't waste time

If you are preparing to write your Strategic Plan, these templates will guide you and save you time and money right now.

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