Are you ready to SMASH your marketing game?

In this classic book teaching small business owners how to take 7 simple steps to prepare their own focused and targeted marketing plan, Teik Oh shows you how you can take your marketing into your own hands without expensive consultants and agencies.

SMART MARKETING - 7 Easy Steps to More Sales

In this 150 page paperback, the story of small business owners, Jack and Jill, is told as they find their way to write their focused marketing plan to increase their sales.

Told as a parable, readers follow Jack and Jill, two busy partners in a small business, as they meet the SMART Marketing expert who then takes them through a series of exercises and enlightening experiences where they: -

  • Identify their real product
  • Identify their real market
  • Adapt their business to match the target market's requirements
  • Use their selling price as a marketing factor
  • Identify the most appropriate marketing activities for their target market
  • Develop their campaign plan, and
  • Finalise the details and implement.

This easy-to-read book uses the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-oriented, Time-specified) model at the heart of small business marketing.

SMART Marketing is a 150-page paperback available from the publisher direct at USD $18.89 per copy.

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