A Step-By-Step Workshop Program To Write Your Organisation's Risk Management Plan

Identify, Analyse, Prioritise, Mitigate and Manage All Risks

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If you are managing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation or a unit or program in one,  and you are concerned about operating under the threats caused by the risks you face, you need to read this.

You probably already have a something in the back of your mind that's telling you that you haven't really dealt with the risks to your organisation that you know exist.

You are probably already aware that those risks range from obvious ones that you can "handle" if they occur, to potentially critical ones that you don't even dare to think about.

But here's what you might not know....

There is an easy, proven, step-by-step process that you can follow to prepare your own Risk Management Plan to manage the risks that threaten your organisation.

We have taken over three decades of face-to-face workshops and consultancies and designed an online program that you can follow in your own time.

Using our focused program designed specifically for Indigenous corporations, you can build your internal capacity and prepare your own Risk Management Plan in two days without engaging expensive consultants.

Look ahead to foresee the unpredictable

The process guides and encourages you to identify all types of risks. It recognises the obvious risks, but also shows you how to dig deeper for any hidden risks. Even if something is unpredictable like COVID-19, you will have rehearsed worst-case scenarios that you can adapt to similar situations thus allowing you to foresee what is otherwise unpredictable.

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Reduce the likelihood and impact of risk

The process allows you to identify different levels of risk and prioritise action accordingly. You can then design immediate, medium-term and long-term management strategies that will reduce the likelihood of a risk-event. But even if one still happens, other strategies can reduce the impact of the event.

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It's not something you should do, it's something you need to do

A Risk Management Plan prepares you for the worst, it saves you time when the worst case arrives because you will know what to do and your team will have rehearsed and be prepared for emergencies and crises. In good times, you can talk about how you should have a Risk Management Plan, but when the time comes you will be grateful you have one.

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You can prepare a Risk Management Plan for the whole organisation, or just for one unit, project, or activity

If you manage one project or program within the corporation and you are concerned about the risks of that activity, you can independently follow this online Program to prepare your Unit's own Risk Management Plan. Later, when the corporation is ready, you can use this Program to help the other Managers prepare a whole-of-corporate Risk Management Plan.

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Introducing The Risk Management Planning Program for Indigenous Organisations


The Risk Management Planning Program for Indigenous Organisations is an online training and guided workshop program designed by OTS Management to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations prepare their own Risk Management Plans.

We have taken our experience over the last 35 years of face-to-face workshops and consultancies to design an online program you can follow in your own time.

The Risk Management Planning Program is delivered online and organised into step-by-step guided modules, walking the organisation's management through the proven process to:

  • identify risks,
  • assess those risks,
  • design appropriately prioritised strategies to manage and mitigate or reduce those risks,
  • and then implement testing and monitoring and evaluation procedures.

Each lesson in the modules is delivered by way of a video "seminar" with instructions on how to workshop and complete the worksheets that accompany each lesson. These worksheets are later compiled into your Risk Management Plan.

Once your organisation purchases the Program, it remains available to you forever, and you get the benefit of any upgrades and new developments. You will be able to use it over and over again to prepare your updated Risk Management Plans, year after year, thereby building internal capacity.

It is also covered by a 30-day guarantee as detailed further below.

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What Do You Get?

Here's what you get when you buy this Program:-


The Program starts with an Introduction video which tells you how the Program works and what you should do to follow the Program through the following lessons and workshop activities. This Welcoming Module also includes an Introduction for Workshop Facilitators to help you prepare for, and facilitate the workshop meetings.

Module 1:

Module 1 is about Understanding Risk Management Planning. In two short but effective lessons, you will learn about the basics of Risk Management Plans and the Risk Management Planning process. You will be shown how a Risk Matrix is completed and what it tells you about the risks your organisation faces.

Module 2:

The four lessons in Module 2 begins our "Learn-Watch-Do" methodology where you learn about the steps in Risk Management Planning and then conduct an activity to complete the steps in your own planning process. In Module 2, you will be guided to identify the risks that potentially threaten your organisation, and then assess those risks as to their likelihood and their impacts. You will then populate your own Risk Matrix.

Module 3:

In Module 3, there are four lessons where you will be designing your Risk Management Strategies in the context of the priorities of risk identified in the Risk Matrix. You will choose from "Immediate Action" Strategies, "Rigorously Manage & Monitor" Strategies, "Manage & Monitor" Strategies and "Accept but Monitor" Strategies. During these lessons you will be shown how to avoid, reduce, transfer or ultimately accept risk.

Module 4:

In Module 4, we conclude with 4 lessons that will have you documenting your Plan, rehearsing and scenario-testing your Plan, and then scheduling Monitoring and Evaluation feedback meetings to actively manage your Plan. At the end of this Module, using the fill-in-the-blanks template provided, you will have prepared and tested your Risk Management Plan, ready for implementation.

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As If That's Not Enough, The Program Also Includes These Bonuses....

Bonus #1 Crisis Plan Template

A template for you to prepare a Crisis Plan to implement when an emergency takes place.

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Bonus #2 Recovery Plan Template

A template to prepare a Recovery Plan to get you quickly back to "normal."

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Bonus #3 Resource List

A list of resources, further information, and collaboration software for you to explore.

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Here's what you are getting when you buy today...


  • The Risk Management Planning Program worth over $12,000 in consultant's time but priced for online delivery at $997 including GST
  • Bonus #1 Crisis Plan Template valued at $500
  • Bonus #2 Recovery Plan Template valued at $500
  • Bonus #3 Resource List valued at $200 in research time saved

The total value comes to over $13,000.


How can we offer you over $13,000 of value for just $997?

Because OTS Management is using the internet to leverage our experience and time to create the prerecorded tool that collates our 40 years' of experience into a Program that we can offer online and use economies of scale to lower the price.

If you have been worried about the risks that might become a crisis - just like COVID-19 - now is the time to do it. Now is the time to prepare your Risk Management Plan.

OTS Management offers the Program under the cover of our 30-day Guarantee (see below).

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Introducing OTS Management and Teik Oh

OTS Management Pty Ltd is based in Perth, WA and was founded by Teik Oh in 2004 to provide "big firm" services to Indigenous organisations and enterprises. Based on the promise of "Advice From Outside The Square", OTS Management works with Indigenous organisations and provides financial and management consulting services including Strategic & Business Planning, Feasibility Studies, Commercial Management Consulting, Executive Development and Best-Practice Governance. Our clients include Government agencies, Native Title PBC's, Land Councils, and other Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Registered Corporations across Western and Northern Australia.

Teik Oh has been a Chartered Accountant since 1979, qualified in both the United Kingdom and Australia. He has spent over 35 years working in the UK, the USA, Asia and Australia in international consulting companies. Since 1985 he has worked with Indigenous groups assisting them in developing their organisations into best-practice entities by providing planning, business development, and governance-improvement consulting services.

He has used his training and experience to design pragmatic step-by-step processes for strategic, business, marketing and other planning, governance improvement, and polices and procedures systems.

Teik is widely recognised across the north-west as a sympathetic and practical consultant to Indigenous people, and rounds out his expertise by being a member of the Taxation Institute of Australia and of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

What Others Say.....

Peter Yu, CEO Nyamba Buru Yawuru

"Teik is an individual of the highest personal and professional integrity. He is a uniquely personable human being with excellent communication skills and capabilities that provides him with the ability to excel in the delivery of his professional responsibilities. He has the fortunate and immense ability to bring out the best in difficult situations."

Joe Morrison, MD Six Seasons Pty Ltd

"Teik has provided me with professional and highly relevant advice relating to establishment of a new legal entity and its operating and accounting environment. I highly recommend Teik to Indigenous organisations who want advice that suits Indigenous NGO activities."

Jodie Bell, CEO Goolarri Media Enterprises

"I have used Teik over a number of years in a number of different capacities and each time, he has shown a detailed understanding of the subject he is dealing with, a detailed understanding of our needs, and is always helpful in assisting us to develop ideas and solutions. I would highly recommend him."

Neil Fong, Executive Director Keogh Bay

"Teik is a professional and reliable consultant that undertakes work with pride and desire to provide a polished end-user friendly product every time."

Peter Botsman, Honorary Fellow at The University of Melbourne

"Teik is a terrific bloke. In my opinion Teik Oh is the No 1 in his field. Always full of ideas and enthusiasm but also a solid and reliable person to turn to for advice."

Geoff Barker, Owner PM+D Architects

Teik's work is of a high standard and comes with integrity and vast knowledge and experience. Teik brings a creative mind and offers value for money.


Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

To remove the risk from you, we offer our OTS Management 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

If you buy the Risk Management Planning Program today, and if you genuinely follow the Program but it did not help you prepare your Risk Management Plan, then contact us within 30 days of purchase and provide us with proof that you have followed the Program (completed worksheets for the whole Program) but it did not help you prepare your Plan, and we will refund your purchase in full.

We need to see proof of completion because we don't want tyre-kickers who don't genuinely work through the Program!

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Risk Management Planning for Indigenous Organisations

$997 AUD including GST

All The Tools You Need To Prepare Your Risk Management Plan

The OTS Management Risk Management Planning Program is an online training and guided workshop program to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations prepare their own Risk Management Plans.Through a series of guided video lessons and activities, you will be shown how to identify, assess, prioritise, and manage, mitigate or reduce the consequences of risks. Once you purchase, you have access to the Program forever and will receive automatic upgrades when they are implemented. All you need is included in the Program. Click on the link to purchase now.

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